Recent PhD Graduates

Smuts, Merriman Eckard – June 2014 (Displaced romanticism: searching for the 'self' in J.M. Coetzee’s autobiographical fiction)


Crous, Matthys – Dec 2013 (Abjection in the novels of Marlene van Niekerk)


Van Schalkwyk, Simon – Dec 2013 (An American parallel for each new European marvel': Robert Lowell's ‘Imitations’ and the Cold War world)


O'Shaughnessy, Emma– June 2013 (History lives on these streets: reading place and urban disorder in

three post-apartheid Johannesburg novels)


Warner, Sarah – June 2013 (Ruth Miller and the poetics of literary maternity)


Macdonald, Robert – Dec 2012 (Reading restitution in District Six: Law, discourse and 'governmentality')


Powers, Donald – June 2011 (Entrapment and emancipation: the limits of reason in JM Coetzee's fiction)