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Department of English Language & Literature


English at University is different to the kind of English you are likely to have done at school.

We are interested not only in the canon of great literature established by British and American writers and critics, but also in the rich and complex traditions of writing in English that have emerged from Africa. We examine cultural texts in a sense that is sometimes broader than the straightforwardly "literary", and we also look at literary theories, which draw on other disciplines such as philosophy, politics, linguistics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

To study English at UCT, a university committed to its role as a leading South African institution of higher learning, is not only to have access to the traditional texts of English Literature. It is also to engage with what English means in South Africa, and what South Africa has done with English.

The department of English Language and Literature is one of the oldest departments in the university and it is also one of the oldest academic departments of its kind in South Africa. The department offers a wide range of opportunities for research and study in English Language, Literature, Linguistics and Creative Writing.