Black Archives and Intellectual Histories Seminar Series - Archive in the Wake

25 Sep 2018 - 09:45

Join us for our next seminar with prolific scholars, Deborah Thomas and Joy James. Due to flight times, this seminar will begin later than usual at 3 pm and end at 5 pm. Lunch will be served at 14:30 pm. The seminar will be in A.C. Jordan 116 on September 26th.

Deborah A. Thomas is the R. Jean Brownlee Professor of Anthropology, and the Director of the Center for Experimental Ethnography at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of "Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica" and "Modern Blackness: Nationalism, Globalization, and the politics of Culture in Jamaica; and co-editor of the volume "Globalization and Race: Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness. Her new book, "Political Life in the Wake of the Plantation", is forthcoming from Duke University Press.

Joy James is Professor of the Humanities and professor of Political Science at Williams College. She is the author of "Shadowboxing: Representations of Black Feminist Politics"; "Transcending the Talented Tenth: Black Leaders and American Intellectuals"; "Resisting State Violence: Radicalism, Gender, and Race in U.S. Culture". She is completing a book on the persecution of 20th-century interracial rape cases, tentatively titled "Memory, Shame and Rage."