Black Archives and Intellectual Histories

6 Aug 2018 - 10:45


Black Archives and Intellectual Histories is a Mellon funded seminar series that features eminent scholars, activists and public intellectuals from South Africa, the continent and across the Black Atlantic. This seminar series focuses on black intellectual histories and the question of the archive, paying particular attention to epistemologies, narrative, cultural production, social movements and collectives in relation to the geo-politics of the black diaspora and South Africa’s place in its imaginaries. These seminars are part of the ongoing conversation about the decolonization of higher education in South Africa, in particular how black intellectual histories can contribute to the transformation of the curriculum.

We have already hosted a number of seminars, covering a range of topics such as “Archives of the Everyday,” “Colonialism and the Archive,” and “Still Moving Images” with Professor Tina Campt. Most recently, we hosted an excellent Winter Workshop on “Queer Epistemologies and the black Archive” with Zethu Matebeni, Danai Mupotsa, Jabu Chen Pareira, and Z’etoile Imma as key presenters. Don’t miss any of our upcoming seminars. Look out for our posters and also follow us on Facebook for event announcements and post seminar dialogue.

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