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Current PhD Students

  • Kate Burling

    Thesis Title: Sound system: acoustic narrative and performativity in the ethical dimensions of Joseph Conrad’s late works

  • Carlo Germeshuys

    Thesis Title: Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière and Slavoj Žižek on the relation between politics and aesthetics

  • Maria Geustyn

    Thesis Title: Littoral Literatures: amphibious politics in South African writings

  • Gabrielle Goliath

    Thesis title: Elegy - Invocation and the collective politics of mourning

  • Leon Bomela Loombe

    Thesis Title: Negotiating Identity and Belonging in Nyamnjoh’s Novels: An Ethno-postcolonial Approach

  • Jemima Middleton

    Thesis title: Being Animalled: Women and Trauma in Contemporary African Fiction