CW Overview

Creative Writing Programme Structure

CW Course Structure

Compulsory Courses - First Year

ELL5027F Creative Writing Fiction ( - meets mainly Mon 16:00-18:00 but may change (English)
SLL5002S Creative Writing Fiction ( - meets Tuesday and Thursdays 16:00-18:00
ELL5024W Creative Writing Poetry (  - meets mainly Fri 14:00- 18:00 but may change

In addition to the above students should select two postgraduate electives from cognate departments (see list below)

Compulsory Courses - Second Year

ELL5025W Creative Writing Dissertation  (English)
SLL5004W Creative Writing Dissertation  (Afrikaans)


List for the two cognate courses are found on the following web page:

AXL4201F Debates in African Studies – (African Studies Department)
AXL4403F Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality - (Social Anthropology Department)
AXL4203F Public Culture in Africa - (Social Anthropology Department)
AXL4303F Landmarks in Modern Linguistic Thought – (Linguistics Department)
AXL5405F Culture, Health and Illness - (Social Anthropology Department)
ELL4036F Space, Place & Literary Non-Fiction – (English Department) – meets mainly Thu 14:00-15:45 but may change. Class number: 9817
ELL5041F Int Contemp Fiction & Prose – (English Department) – Imraan Coovadia – Wed, 11h00-13h00 - Class number: 23147
ELL4063H Directed Reading in a Special Subject – (English Department) – no meeting
FAM4003F History and Theory of Narrative Film – (Film and Media Department)
FAM4033F Screenwriting – (Film and Media Department)
FAM4006S Travel Writing – (Film and Media Department)
FAM4007F Narrative Literary Journalism – (Film and Media Department)
HST4022F Discovery and the Other – (History Department)
SLL5006F Nabokov and the Novel – (School of Languages & Literature)
SLL4041F Problems in Contemporary Literary & Cultural Theory – (School of Languages & Literature)
SLL4094F/S The Bible as Literature – (School of Languages & Literature)
PHI4015F Contemporary Philosophy of Thought – (Philosophy Department)
POL4044F Global Political Thought - (Politics Department)
REL5108F Levinas, Derrida, and the Other (Religious Studies)